Fostering Agro-Ecosystem Resilience Utilizing Biological Control of Pests

Pest control is a growing challenge as has economic impact, loss of trade opportunities, control cost and direct crop loss. Pesticides and other form of pest controls has an influence on plants, animals, and humans’ health. As such, the webinar in partnership with PROCINORTE aim to share advancement and development of pest control management more sustainable for the environment.   Thanks to our speaker, Dr. Tara Gariepy, AAFC, Canada, Dr. David Shapiro-Ilan, USDA-ARS, USA, Dr. Raúl Rodríguez-Guerra, INIFAP, Mexico for bringing advancements in their research for biological pest control.  Where the future of pest control lies? While biological pest control research is advancing, there are still many facets of the domain yet to be discovered and explored. Moreover, with the knowledge created, it is also necessary to transform findings into more practical techniques that can be marketed and used. Product of quality, effective and sustainable for the agrosystems is possible.   To learn more about the subject, the webinar is available on IICA Canada YouTube channel.